The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , US
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Released 2004
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Hyrule is a peaceful kingdom, of which residents all hold hands to go up and build a prosperous economy together. But then, the forces of darkness have risen and covered Hyrule with evil monsters. The gods give the hero Picori a sword god, then give him the task of saving this kingdom. With courage and light power, Hyrule has restored its inherent peace. The people want to show their gratitude for him so that they hold a festival to honor annually. In the celebration of the 100th Picori, King of Hyrule holds a tournament, and the champion will be able to touch the god Picori’s sword. Guardian Smith gives the task to Link and Princess Zelda to hand the sword to the champion. Unfortunately, Vaati, a mysterious man take it away then. He turns Zelda into stone and uses the magic sword to open the seal for the ancient demon that had caused the disaster. Painful at the death of his friend, the young man, Link sets out to search for Vaati, determines to bring the magic sword back and saves the kingdom.

Similar to the previous versions, Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap retains the old gameplay as role-playing, exploring and solving puzzles in mysterious mazes. In this dangerous journey, the green hat named Ezlo will accompany the character Link. It has the ability to shrink the size of Link so that he can venture into the kingdom of the Minish race. Here, he will have to perform countless tasks with the ultimate goal of finding 4 elements: earth, water, fire and wind to summon the magic sword, find the villain Vaati.

About the land element, players will go to the village Minish with the support of Elzo to shrink. Then, find the highest priest Fishari. He will give Link the ability to speak the Minish language and also mention that the NPC Gentari will lead him to the position to get the earth element. It is located in the Deepwood Shrine, land behind the village. By defeating Big Green ChuChu, players will collect the first element.

To get the elemental fire, players will make a journey to the top of Mount Crenel, then search for the Flames cave where the monster Gleerok lives. It swallowed the element of fire and possessed powerful power. Therefore, the only way to get the 2nd element is to kill it. At Castor Wilds, Link has to perform many additional tasks to get “Flippers”. It will take him to the Temple of Droplets, where the Big Octorok monster holds the water element. By completing the previous task, the player will be rewarded with bows, arrows, and Pegasus Boots, three essential items to defeat it to obtain the 3rd element. Finally and is the fourth element – the wind held by the leader Gyorg Pair. The only way to be able to get it is to defeat the demon army and the Gyorg Pair. With the help of his cousin Siroc and the wind tribe, this battle will soon end and be successful.

After obtaining all 4 elements, the player will combine to create a magic sword and make a final battle with Vaati. This is the final boss, so his power is the strongest. During the whole journey, players need to collect pieces of equipment to upgrade the attack attribute for Link as well as combining with his special skills to defeat Vaati. The light of justice is right ahead. The peace of the Hyrule kingdom and Princess Zelda are depending on this final battle. Let’s fight once and for all!

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