Ultimate Spider-Man

Console GBA
Publisher Activision
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 1,805
Downloads 2,138
Released NA: September 22, 2005
EU: October 14, 2005
File size 7.78MB
4.6/5 (2 votes)
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Since the horrific events destroyed by the villains like Electro, Green Goblin, RHINO or Human Torch, Spider-Man and SHIELD forces have stopped and arrested them, returning peace to the New York City. Not long after that, the life of the people here is once again turned upside down by another character, who owns the Venom suit. After a while of trying to chase, Spider-Man got the suit, but the owner of that escaped and left bad consequences when rescuing the whole villains once captured by SHIELD. Everywhere, criminals are causing trouble, even kidnapping innocent people. Spider-Man must find the tycoon who standing behind these incidents while trying to stop those criminals doing bad things.

The story mode of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is divided into several stages for players to explore. But for the most part, the main mission of each stage is just to fight against the thugs appearing in areas of the city, rescuing some hostages and sometimes fighting bosses like Electro or Green Goblin. In terms of characters, players can play like Venom or Spider-Man. Basically, they all have the skills to fly into the air by launching spider silk, climbing, sticking to surfaces and creating punches or kicks to damage enemies. But there are also some differences between them when Spider-Man has a faster combat speed, meanwhile, Venom can eat enemies to increase the vitality index. Sometimes, someone will feel that it’s really an injustice, but this point will be really clearer when they fight bosses and appreciate the speed factor.

In terms of character design, they only have the vitality indicator bar, which lacks statistics on the attack, defense, or upgrades features. It has been simplified various types of outfits to enhance the combat capabilities, although this is not really obvious. It includes Arachnoman, Parker Hoodie, Peter Parker, Spidey Wrestling, and Symbiote Spider-Man. Players can unlock them when completing a number of certain tasks and pass the specified stage. In addition, when the story is completed, the system will unlock another story about Beetle along with mysterious events taking place at the Latver embassy. Sandman and Doctor Doom are working together to create a mutant named Latverian, with the ultimate goal of taking revenge on Spider-Man for obstructing their plans.

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