Super Mario Land

Console Game Boy (GB)
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Region WW
Views 3,947
Downloads 3,640
Released April 21, 1989
File size 37K
4.4/5 (2 votes)
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Super Mario Land is the first game in the Mario series to appear on mobile devices, it was launched simultaneously with the Game Boy device. This is also considered the best game launch of the console system. With the familiar side-scrolling platformer, your task is to control Mario through challenging levels to save Princess Daisy from the evil Tatanga pilot. A total of 12 levels are divided into the four worlds you need to overcome, including two that focus on the forced-scrolling shooting genre similar to Gradius that allows you to control Mario when he drives submarines or planes and shoot bullets at enemies to destroy them, including the bosses. Alternating levels will have bonus minigames that give the character extra lives or upgrade Fire Flower. It is flawed if not mentioning the bosses in the game, in total you will confront five powerful bosses in different levels, each possessing a unique fighting style that requires you to quickly like a suspect before being defeated by them. The game also bears many similarities with the old games in the series when you can collect 100 coins for extra lives or go into the pipes to other areas. In addition, the game also makes a lot of difference when now instead of rescuing the familiar Peach Princess, you will have to rescue Princess Daisy (first appearance), Mario also throws bouncing balls called Superballs instead of throwing fireballs like before. After completing the game you can also replay the levels with a larger number of enemies and a higher level of difficulty.

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