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Fight Night returns in its second installment from EA. You can create a new boxer and begin a career as an amateur in a shady gym somewhere in Queens, NY, and fight your way to the top. You could also relive the careers of some legendary boxers.

Of course, you could play a simple match against a computer or a human opponent.

Many new features are included in Round 2, such as fancy particle effects that show blood and sweat spraying into the camera in ultra-slow motion. The “Total Boxer Control,” which allows you to throw punches by moving the analog stick in specific ways, has been improved. There are also numerous ways to customize your character’s appearance, down to the shape of the skull and ears.

A dozen contemporary (but unfortunately edited) hip-hop tracks comprise the soundtrack.

All of the previous features are still available: You can play online (and now on Xbox), and as you progress through the career mode, you can unlock more moves, clothes, and equipment.

The GameCube version also includes a port of the SNES game Super Punch-Out!!

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