Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion
Console GameCube
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 8,552
Downloads 6,485
Released 17th Nov 2001 (USA)
3rd May 2002 (UK/EU)
14th Sep 2001 (JPN)
3.5/5 (12 votes)
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One of the classic Mario games developed by the new game studios that are loved by fans around the world is “Luigi’s Mansion”. With characters and gameplay similar to the original Mario, players will be transformed into the main character Luigi, a character with the same appearance as Mario. This is a series of games in this series that has captured a huge amount of sales with more than 2.5 million copies sold. Entering the game “Luigi’s Mansion”, you will control the character Luigi to participate in the mysterious missions built in the game. Your task is to use a flashlight and a special set of Poltergust 3000 weapons, a vacuum cleaner provided by Professor E. Gadd to catch the ghosts in the play area and search for the key to open new levels.

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