Luigi’s Mansion

Console GameCube
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 10,231
Downloads 11,826
Released 17th Nov 2001 (USA)
3rd May 2002 (UK/EU)
14th Sep 2001 (JPN)
File size 85.12 M
3.7/5 (12 votes)
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In Luigi’s Mansion, you play as Luigi, Mario’s forgotten brother.

While checking his mail, Luigi discovered that he had won a mansion in a contest. What’s strange is that he never entered any game in the first place. He calls his brother, Mario, and asks to meet him at the house, being the curious individual he is.

Luigi sets out to find the house in a dark and scary jungle but finds that Mario is nowhere to be found. Luigi enters the mansion, perplexed, only to encounter ghosts. He meets Professor E. Gadd, a scientist who explains the situation and hands over the Poltergust 3000. Luigi must proceed through the mansion’s various rooms, sucking up as many ghosts as possible.

You must solve mysteries, collect cash/gems/jewels/coins, and meet boss characters as you explore. Luigi’s vacuum can suck up ghosts that have taken up residence in this strange mansion. The spirits, on the other hand, will not go quietly. To catch your prey with your trusty vacuum, you must struggle with them and pull them back. As you progress toward your goal, you must battle the house’s deceased inhabitants and the boos that haunt it and unlock new rooms with the keys you find along the way. You can also give your special vacuum abilities, such as shooting fire, water, or ice. But keep in mind that treasure can be found anywhere. Check all the objects for coins and paper money, and who knows, you might make enough money to buy Luigi his mansion…

The plot gradually unravels as you explore the strange mansion, and it becomes clear that something more sinister is happening in that haunted house. Will you ever see your long-lost brother Mario?

The 3DS version differs slightly from the Gamecube original. Coins now last longer before disappearing after being hit; there is a local co-op with another player controlling a character named Gooigi. This new control option allows using the Strobulb flashlight from Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, an achievement list, and a boss rush mode, among other changes. Hidden Mansion 3DS follows the changes made in Gamecube’s PAL version.

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