Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Console GameCube
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Racing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 12,307
Downloads 16,472
Released 17th Nov 2003 (USA)
14th Nov 2003 (UK/EU)
7th Nov 2003 (JPN)
File size 463.29 M
4/5 (9 votes)
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The game that kicked off the “kart-racing” genre, Mario Kart, has been updated with a new version called Mario Kart: Double Dash. This version of Mario Kart places a greater emphasis on the use of cooperative gameplay and weapons. All of the gameplay elements and guns from the previous games make a comeback, such as Red Shells, Stars, and Mushrooms, along with new character-specific weapons, such as Chain Chomps and Giant Koopa shells. One after the other, the courses adhere to the Mario canon in every respect, continuing, and thisng the longstanding tradition.

This time around, each go-kart will have two competitors in it. Figuring out when you should switch seats in the kart is a significant portion of the challenge presented by the game. This game can accommodate several players at once. Therefore, it is possible to collaborate with a friend on the same go-kart to take on adversaries cooperatively. This allows one player to drive the kart while the other utilizes power-ups. A full Local Area Network mode supports up to 8 GameCubes in a single network.

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