Mario Superstar Baseball

Console GameCube
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Sport
Region EU , JP , US
Views 3,268
Downloads 3,257
Released 29th Aug 2005 (USA)
11th Nov 2005 (UK/EU)
21st Jul 2005 (JPN)
File size 531.5 M
3.5/5 (1 vote)
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Similar to the previously released Mario sports sets, “Mario Superstar Baseball” has also been launched to fans worldwide with the gameplay of the popular “baseball” sport. Join “Mario Superstar Baseball” in baseball games under Mario play. Entering the game, players will build their own line of players with one captain being the protagonist Mario and the remaining 8 players will be taken on by other characters to proceed with the opposing team. With gameplay similar to the actual baseball game, players will control each character to hit the ball and catch the ball to score. Completing the target mission and sky-high scores, the player will win if he gains the upper hand in the score.

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