Resident Evil

Resident Evil
Console GameCube
Publisher Capcom
Genre Action
Region EU , JP , US
Views 5,653
Downloads 8,027
Released 30th Apr 2002 (USA)
13th Sep 2002 (UK/EU)
21st Mar 2002 (JPN)
3.6/5 (8 votes)
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“Resident Evil” will not make you disappointed if you are one of the devotors of the survival horror genre. Back in 1998 to participate in the thrilling cases of Raccoon City in the Midwest, you will be transformed into two main characters of the game, Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine as a specialized agent Stars karma. Players will explore the play area through the perspective of a third person, with a single goal of kill and kill. You will face the fierce Zombie with giant monsters like spiders and undead dogs. Collect items from obstacles you will find clues for puzzles in the game. Be careful by attacks if unfortunately health drops to 0 you will have to play again from the beginning.

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