Star Fox: Assault

Star Fox: Assault
Console GameCube
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action
Region EU , JP , US
Views 3,264
Downloads 2,726
Released 14th Feb 2005 (USA)
29th Apr 2005 (UK/EU)
24th Feb 2005 (JPN)
4.3/5 (7 votes)
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The most compelling set of games in outer space to mention right away “Star Fox Assault”, this is the fourth game series in the popular Star Fox series of games from Namco. In which “Star Fox Assault” is built from the context of Star Fox Adventures with 3D graphics and separate 3rd-person views. “Star Fox Assault” takes players on the rescue of the Lylat System from the enemy Aparoids of Fox McCloud’s team with 3 special gameplay. Players will be playing the role of Fox McCloud and can control Arwing spacecraft or Landmaster tanks in each game mission. For Arwing spacecraft players can fly in space to shoot down enemies in each level. But for Landmaster, players can freely move in each area to be able to destroy enemies in every game space.

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