Super Monkey Ball 2 RE: Encore

Console GameCube
Developer Prof. Raine
Genre Action
Region English
Views 122
Downloads 30
File size 731.25 M
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Super Monkey Ball 2 involves guiding a monkey in a plastic ball through a maze to the goal. Three modes exist: story, challenge, and practice. In story mode, you have unlimited tries to complete a stage, and after 10 stages, a movie clip and a new 10-stage world appear. Challenge mode requires you to complete many increasingly difficult levels with a limited number of monkeys and time. Players can replay any stage from the other two modes in practice mode. Numerous party games complement the main game options. Monkey race, fight, target, billiards, bowling, golf, boat, shot, dogfight, soccer, baseball, and tennis. One to four players can play party games.

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