Super Monkey Ball 2 : Tanuki78 Compilation

Console GameCube
Developer Tanuki78
Genre Action
Region English , French , German , Italian , Spanish
Views 132
Downloads 47
File size 743.08 M
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To reach the target in Super Monkey Ball 2, you must lead a monkey that is encased in a plastic ball through a maze. Story mode, challenge mode, and practice mode are the three options. In the story mode, you can attempt a stage as many times as you want. After finishing 10 stages, a movie clip is shown before a brand-new world with 10 stages is presented. You only have a certain number of monkeys and a set amount of time in challenge mode to complete a number of increasingly challenging levels. You can play any stage that has already been finished in one of the other two modes in practice mode. A wide variety of party games are also included in addition to the primary game options. These include monkey races, monkey fights, monkey targets, monkey pool, monkey golf, monkey boats, monkey shots, monkey dogfights, monkey soccer, monkey baseball, and monkey tennis. One to four players can participate in the party games.

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