Randar II: Revenge of Death

Console Microsoft MSX2
Publisher Compile
Developer Kemsx
Genre Role-Playing
Views 48
Downloads 28
Released 1989
File size 289.9 K
5/5 (1 vote)
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This is the second role-playing adventure of the little round creature Randar. This time, the adventure takes place not in a medieval, but in a futuristic world. Something strange is happening on the planet Alkali: women are mysteriously disappearing. Randar, now a space detective, is invited to investigate this unusual case. However, the investigation leads Randar also to other planets, and gradually he realizes that the mysterious vanishing is a part of a larger scheme… Randar II features traditional top-down navigation and turn-based combat. The battles and the movement in town are viewed from first-person perspective. During battles, Randar can attack either with a gun or a sword. There are no magic spells in the game. Healing is done with items. Instead of the usual hit points display, Randar accumulates damage percentage in battles. When the damage reaches 100%, Randar is defeated.

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