Randar no Bouken

Console Microsoft MSX2
Publisher Compile
Developer Kemsx
Genre Role-Playing
Views 60
Downloads 39
Released 1989
File size 104.26 K
5/5 (1 vote)
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The little blue egg-shaped creature Randar, who was the healer in Golvellius and appeared as a mascot in other Compile’s games, now gets an RPG of his own! Trouble is in the kingdom of Mamorth: an evil tyrant is threatening to destroy the land. Randar becomes in this game the hero who alone can save the kingdom, traversing dangerous caves and fighting vicious monsters on his way to defeat the ultimate villain. The game is a traditional top-down Japanese RPG with turn-based combat. The combat, as well as navigation in towns, is done from first person perspective. Randar is alone on his quest, and must fight one-on-one battles in Dragon Quest style. Randar can equip weapons and armor, and cast a variety of magical spells.

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