Double Dragon

Console NES
Publisher Accolade , Taito Corporation
Genre Action
Region EU , JP , US
Views 3,085
Downloads 3,197
Released 1987
File size 184.92 K
4/5 (1 vote)
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In Double Dragon, you will be engaged in intense battles and have to fight with many enemies at the same time. The game will bring two game modes, single-player and multiplayer. Besides, it brings two characters to explore: Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee. When fighting in single-player mode, you are tasked to control Billy Lee and defeat many enemies that appear along the way. As for the multiplayer mode, the secondary player will control Jimmy Lee and join the fight with his friends.

To defeat the enemy, you must use a variety of unarmed offensive skills or can use melee weapons. The melee weapons will drop after you defeat the enemy. These include daggers or baseball bats. Compared to unarmed combat, using weapons will help you deal more damage. From there, the enemy will be defeated quickly.

The main task of the game is to rescue Marian from the custody of the Black Warrior organization. In it, Marian was a student at the dojo of Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee. And the Black Warrior is a dangerous gangster organization and is controlling the vast New York City. This organization is led by Willy Mackey, and he uses machine guns to destroy his opponents. You can only successfully free Marian after defeating Willy. Therefore, facing Willy Mackey is not an easy task.

Your battle challenges will take place in different locations in New York City. These locations will be designed with many enemies and complex terrain. The enemy will appear continuously to attack you from all sides. To destroy multiple enemies at once, you need to move continuously to avoid the encirclement of enemies. Players can move left or right to fight the enemy or jump into the air to overcome obstacles.

Besides defeating the last tycoon to complete the game. You also have to fight and destroy many other bosses. At the end of each battle, the location will be preparing a boss for you to defeat. Each tycoon will have unique fighting skills, and you must control the character wisely to complete the mission. The bosses that you can face include Williams, Abobo, Dominatrix Linda …

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