Final Fantasy

Console NES
Publisher Micro Cabin , Nintendo , Square Enix
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 4,083
Downloads 4,116
Released December 18, 1987
File size 143.16 K
3.9/5 (2 votes)
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With a team-fighting element, Final Fantasy (video game) will bring more intense battles to the player. To manage a combat group, you need good focus and have a smart battle plan. Square Enix manufacturer has prepared 4 attractive game modes for everyone to experience. Four basic game modes include Menu Screen, Battle Screen, Dungeon, Town and Overworld.

At the beginning of the game, you will be created 4 characters to use and form a team. Each character will correspond to a different class. From there, help you enjoy many unique fighting skills. There are 6 classes for you to explore: black mage, red mage, white mage, warrior, black belt and thief. Besides owning many different character classes, the game also allows you to upgrade your character’s craft. Each successful upgrade will help the character get a new appearance and use more advanced fighting skills. The upgrade is very important and it affects the development process. Failure to upgrade your job will make your character less able to fight and defend. From there, the enemy can easily defeat your team.

Besides the upgrade feature, you also have to search and equip many different items for the character if you want to become stronger. He will be designed with 8 positions to equip, 4 for weapons and 4 for armour. Depending on the class the character is using, you need to find the right equipment for them. You can buy items from the game’s store. However, the items in the store are usually of low value and you should only buy recovery items from the store, such as HP. To collect items with advanced features (armour, weapons). You need to explore many different dungeons. The dungeons will appear in marshes, buildings, underwater caves, and many other areas. Note, the dungeons will hide treasures of great value. But to collect them, you must defeat the bosses and many monsters.

The fighting system of Final Fantasy (video game) is built according to different folders and you will participate in turn-based combat. Characters will be prepared with 4 choices: attack, run, spell, and item. Each turn will allow to control and arrange the characters in your group. You can let the character attack the enemy, use the item to restore vitality or run away when it is impossible to defeat the enemy. Running in each match, you will not receive experience points and rewards. Successfully destroy the enemy, you get experience points to level up the character (the highest level that can be reached is 50).

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