Madoola no Tsubasa: The Wing of Madoola

Console NES
Developer Sunsoft
Genre Action , Platformer
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The Kingdom of Badham was once the host of the legendary Wing of Madoola bird statue. Anyone who possessed the wing would be granted tremendous power. Many wars were caused by nations wanting to have control over this powerful artifact. Thankfully, a king of the Rameru family gained possession of the wing and ordered that it be hidden away in a cave so peace would finally reign between the warring nations, and peace did indeed reign, for a while at least. Hundreds of years later, a descendant of the king, named Darutos, stumbled upon the location of the wing and decided to use it for his own ends. He summoned demons to take over his family’s castle to claim it as solely his own. The remaining Rameru family line now have formed an alliance to gain back the castle and put a stop to Darutos. They decided there only hope is a magic wielding warrior named Lucia.

Players take control of Lucia throughout 16 side-scrolling stages. Her goal in each stage is to locate and beat a boss enemy and collect the crystal ball that’s in its possession. The crystal ball is needed to unlock the exit of each stage.

Throughout her journey, Lucia will come across various weapons, items and upgrades to help her on her quest. Some of these items include boots for increased speed and higher jumping ability, swords to increase her attack strength, potions to replenish health, scrolls to recover magic points, and even the Wing of Madoola, which will give Lucia the power to fly.

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