Super Contra

Console NES
Publisher Konami
Genre Action , Other
Region EU , US
Views 2,260
Downloads 1,446
Released January 8, 1988
File size 144.8 K
4.7/5 (1 vote)
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Super Contra is also known through another name: Super Contra: The Alien Strikes Back. It is a famous shooting game by Konami. After completing the mission to defeat the Red Falcon, Lance and Bill have been given a new task. A large base with many high-tech weapons of the Allies had lost contact with the coalition headquarters. In addition, reconnaissance information reported that the base was controlled by aliens, and the soldiers at the base became mutants. As a result, Lance and Bill take on the task of destroying aliens and regaining control of this military base.

Similar to previous versions, Super Contra brings the challenge of single-player or 2-player mode. With 2-player mode, you will have to coordinate well with allies to overcome many enemies and automatic weapons systems. In this version, Bill will wear a green outfit, and Lance will use a purple outfit. In addition, the player on the left of the screen will be tasked with controlling Bill and Lance controlled by the player on the right of the screen. Besides, this version also brings two completely new perspectives for players to enjoy. In addition to the familiar horizontal screen movements, players also participate in fighting from the top down. In particular, the view from the top will allow players to move in 8 different directions.

In addition to the basic weapons provided at the beginning of the game, you can collect new weapons and upgrade them. The weapons that you are allowed to collect and use include: machine guns, bomb guns, laser guns, spray guns. To upgrade weapons and achieve higher combat performance, you need to collect weapons with the same shape and design instead of focusing on collecting Falcon-shaped icons like the old version. During the battle with the view from above, players can search and use a special weapon – Hypershell. Collecting and activating this weapon allows you to destroy all enemies present along the way. In addition, Hypershell will enable players to store it more than once, to use it multiple times in different stages.

The game will bring five different stages for people to fight and conquer. Each stage will be designed with a different context and pitfalls for you to overcome. The battle areas include military bases, a jungle, and alien bases. In particular, stages 1,3, and 4 will bring classic horizontal screen movements. Stage 2 and 5 will give you a new perspective (from top to bottom).

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