Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Console NES
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action , Platformer , Role-Playing
Region EU , US
Views 2,903
Downloads 2,964
Released January 14, 1987
File size 86.72 K
3.5/5 (2 votes)
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Based on the plot of The Legend of Zelda, the second version of this game was released as Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. In this next version, you will be on a new adventure with Link. In addition, the battle system and character upgrades have been changed to bring exciting experiences for players.

In the process of moving and fighting with the enemy, players are tasked with collecting experience points. Experience points will be used to upgrade 3 properties for the Link. These attributes include magic power, attack ability, and life. Each attribute will require different experience points to upgrade. In addition, attributes are prepared with 8 levels for you to upgrade. In particular, life will require a few experience points to upgrade. And the ability to attack will require more experience points to reach new levels. After accumulating enough experience points to upgrade an attribute, you can choose to upgrade immediately or save experience points to upgrade other properties.

Different from the first version, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link has a more complex battle system. Besides, monsters are also arranged in 3 categories weak, normal and dangerous. When fighting monsters, Link needs to move flexibly to defeat monsters in a short time. Monsters classified as weak and normal are easy to destroy. As for dangerous classified monsters, you need to bend down continuously to avoid attack skills from them. Besides, you also have to choose the right time to attack the enemy after a period of evasion and waiting.

Besides quests fight monsters and accumulate experience points. Link – the character must also collect various support items. The support items work to help Link upgrade power faster. In addition, some items also help Link unlock new magical powers. There are 8 magical powers for you to collect and use. You can learn the 8 spells from the wise men in 8 different towns of Hyrule. To unlock a new spell, you need to search for special items requested by the NPC. With the 8 spells to unlock, Life Spell is the most important. With Life Spell, Link will gain the ability to recover health without the help of the Fairies. Because Fairies can only perform this spell at fixed locations within the town or random locations outside the town. Therefore, having recovery magic will help you overcome many dangerous challenges.

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