F-Zero X Climax

Console Nintendo 64
Developer Philippe Brodier
Genre Racing
Region English
Views 46
Downloads 34
Released September 12, 2014
File size 12.26 M
5/5 (1 vote)
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F-Zero X GFX, textures, and circuits are replaced by this hack. F-Zero X Climax supports emulators and n64 hardware. It’s based on F-Zero Climax, the series’ final episode, released only in Japan on GBA. The 24 F-Zero X tracks were remade, and the 24 new circuits were from F-Zero Climax. They had major changes, including 3D, which was absent from the GBA version Like many games, learning and enjoying the tracks takes time. Championship mode makes F-Zero X Climax harder because opponents are faster. The new layout matches the original GBA circuits with arrows, ice, and land, but the tracks are longer (F-Zero Climax’s circuit is short and the machines fast, with design and handling that would be unsuitable for F-Zero X if proportions were kept). Many arrows and jump plates have been added to reduce emptiness and length in some sections and increase fun! Graphics side, it took a year of intense hard work (six to eight hours a day in most cases, sometimes more) to find and change as many textures, images, and texts as possible. After many problems, they all came together nicely. Like playing a new game!

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