Gravity Swap 64

Console Nintendo 64
Developer Arthurtilly
Genre Action , Platformer
Region English
Views 102
Downloads 79
File size 5.97 M
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The SM64 code is extensively rewritten in the Gravity Swap 64 hack in order to support gravity in any direction. The hack has two primary modes:

Normal Mode ==== ====

Play through the 120 stars of the default game, but every 30 seconds, the gravity will change to a random direction. Make sure to carefully consider which direction gravity will shift to next in order to avoid getting stuck! (To avoid waiting, crouch in place to speed up the timer.)

You can switch to Freeplay Mode in the pause menu, which gives you the freedom to experiment with the mechanic while pausing the 30 second timer and switching gravity whenever you want.

Challenge Mode ==== ====

Play through 100 distinctive challenges that we hand-picked, where you must move through the levels with gravity locked in one place! From novice players to expert kaizo completionists, this mode will have something to offer them all thanks to the enormous variety of difficulties.

You receive rankings based on how quickly you beat the times you set in Challenge Mode, and your times are also saved. These rankings do not factor into your progress, but they add a significant level of difficulty. How many ranks in S can you achieve?

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