Lost Magic

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Ubisoft
Genre Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 2,257
Downloads 1,454
Released 25th Apr 2006 (USA)
28th Apr 2006 (UK/EU)
19th Jan 2006 (JPN)
File size 7.93 M
4/5 (1 vote)
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Have you ever seen Harry Potter movies and wished you could use magic for very ordinary things in life. Or you want to be a magic warrior using your power to save the world. That can’t be done in real life, but Lost Magic 2006 can handle everything exceptionally easily thanks to the DS gaming system. By the time the game was released, it was integrated into a stylus so that you could become a real mage with wandering on the screen. Now if you want to use it, you can still use it, but maybe the mobile game emulator tools will work better with your touch screen.

Lost Magic is an RPG designed to meet the standards of this series, but has further improvements in its gameplay. This will be a single player game rather than multiplayer so players will be guided through a deep story and a pre-shaped world. Players will be involved in an adventure filled with magic. More than 350 skill combinations are available in the system for players to learn through different challenges.

Here is a role-playing game, but you will be able to control an army of magicians, not a person. But in the match, everything is manipulated by the player, so it is also RPG. One of the most exciting ways to play the game you need to know is the way your army fights. It is not a click on a set of skill buttons or a combination of moves and attacks. You will attack by drawing on the touch screen. The skill system will be very diverse, but you can only bring in a maximum of 3 spells. But with a clever combination, you will be able to create 350 different skills to use in each of those different cases.

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