Metroid Prime: Hunters

Metroid Prime: Hunters

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action
Region EU , JP , US
Views 2,355
Downloads 0
Released 20th Mar 2006 (USA)
5th May 2006 (UK/EU)
1st Jun 2006 (JPN)
3.9/5 (5 votes)

Today, zombie games are one of the most frequently exploited brands and are welcomed by many. But about ten years ago the topic dominates all gaming forums as robots. Metroid is a great success series in this topic when its game has spread almost all over the most modern handheld console devices of that time. Before the advent of Metroid Prime, the previous games exploited the platformer’s accessible and straightforward gameplay. The simple shooting screen with the journey is styled by a famous 2D side-scroller.

Metroid Prime: Hunters has made a difference when it continues to change graphics into 3D and also improves gameplay. When players experience it, it will be seen that this is a first-person shooter 3D game with a, particularly complex game operation. The story is about a message being sent across the planet, launching a quest for ultimate power. Thanks to that, it created attractive battles with various types of energy. Our main character is Samus, she did not participate in this race at first but thanks to The Galactic Federation’s call it became much more interesting. Samus will have to carry out the federal task of investigating the origin of this message, protecting it all from danger, and to keep the Alimbics’ ultimate power, not letting the bad guys touch the dark forces.

As for how to play, the game has been improved, so the player will control it with the console, participating in fantasy battles. Your unique weapon will be a robot armor with many powerful functions. Apart from you, there are up to 6 bounty hunters involved in this war with a lot of special powers. They may be opponents who can also be allies so players should also learn them carefully before deciding to hit the end.

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