New Super Mario Bros.

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 16,578
Downloads 15,618
Released 15th May 2006 (USA)
30th Jun 2006 (UK/EU)
25th May 2006 (JPN)
File size 13.76 M
4.1/5 (20 votes)
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Mario was so famous for players around the world until now it is still active. Besides, the new products have been updated and progressed, operating many different gameplay styles. You can also follow the Mario homepage to update the latest information. New Super Mario Bros. 2006 is a special version, laying the foundation for future developments of this famous franchise. Its launch made the gamer community more vibrant, after 20 years of the original game being released and running. Although, it is still a platformer that will be “a great new platform for sure twitching.”

Indeed, everyone knows how to play a Mario game, because it does not change the way it controls throughout many past game seasons. It will still be a side-scroller with lots of obstacles that are set for the player to overcome and become the winner. Of course, a game screen is limited, and you will win if you go through all the challenges arranged along the way. However, it has no checkpoint but only lives system. It means that if you die somewhere on the journey, you will have to play it again from the beginning, and will be deducted 1 live point.

This time Bowser and Bowser Jr continue to kidnap Princess Peach, and obviously, Mario is still the only one who can save the beauty from the hands of the wicked. Although it is a new part with particular improvements to bring new experiences to players, the game retains its old characters. Mario, Luigi, a ton of Mushroom Kingdom enemies will fight each other in fiery scenes. Besides, new enemies are also updated to make the journey much more difficult. New power-ups such as high triple jumps, wall jumps and high bounces off enemies will be added. He also can use power-ups like Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, throw fireballs, Starmen (become invincible), Blue Shells (turn into a speedy, shell blue Koopa) and other mushrooms that make him tiny or huge.

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