Plants vs. Zombies

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher PopCap Games
Genre Strategy
Region EU , US
Views 4,669
Downloads 7,746
Released 18th Jan 2011 (USA)
6th May 2011 (UK/EU)
File size 24.26 M
4.4/5 (4 votes)
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Plants vs. Zombies” is one of The most popular game brands on all platforms. Players can catch a product of this series anywhere. Its first version is often seen playing on the PC operating system. But after it developed and was loved by many people, PopCap Games started taking advantage of the brand and releasing it. Currently, if you try to search the name of the game on Google, it will get a lot of answers. Besides, there are many sequel versions with almost entirely innovative gameplay, and even the character system is renewed.

Going back to the main theme, “Plants vs. Zombies” 2011 is an official version of the game released right on the Nintendo DS device. How to play is the same as the old version, but there have been minor changes. This time the player will manipulate the game in a faster and more exciting way thanks to the split screen. Players will use the touch screen below to play the game screen above will show close-up angles that other versions cannot have. There are also changes to the arrangement of goals on the screen that make this version of the game even more different than all of its brothers.

StrategyBut fundamentally, the unchanging gameplay, “Plants vs. Zombies” 2011 still offers challenges for players involving zombies. They will try their best to enter the house and eat your brain. But use maximizing the power of plants to grow key areas. Day, night, fog, in the swimming pool and on the roof, are the five places where the Zombie will attack and also the five blocks that one must overcome. There are also plenty of extra modes for players to experience in times of being tired of Adventure Mode, or it’s too hard to overcome and need time to think. Survival Mode, Puzzles, Mini-Games, Zen Garden, are all places where players can come to entertain.

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