Pokemon Omega Paradox

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region WW
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Released Unknown
File size 54.12 M
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Pokemon Omega Paradox (Pokemon White Hack) is a remake of the original Pokemon White game created by a ROM hacker nicknamed XxAsterxX. The story begins when a mysterious stranger wears out and destroys the land of Unova, killing many people. Worried that this would continue, some chose to flee, others formed alliances to prepare for the next battle. A month later, you are a lucky man who survived the carnage and was given the opportunity to choose a starting Pokemon to stop the wicked stranger.


– New Gym Leaders: Many gym leaders are dead some have been replaced or demoted
– New Elite Four and Champion
– New Trainer Classes
– New Rivals
– New Pokemon: over 40 new Pokemon varying from Fakemon, Omega Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, Alola Pokemon, very few Gen 6-7 Pokemon, and Yugioh-mons (I replaced old Pokemon sprites for new Pokemon sprites)
– Increased level curve compared to the original Pokemon White: Your starter determines how difficult your journey will be Geodude-Easy Mode (First gym leader has Audino making you level up fast) (Changed sprite + Fire Type)
– Eevee-Hard Mode
Zorua-Medium Mode
– New Music–> Music from Pokemon Hoenn White created by King Drapion composed by PkmnSoundFontRemix ——
> I was going to ask permission to use his music but he seems inactive online
– New Starters
– Text Edits
– New Move-Sets and Stats for certain Pokemon
– Many other features thanks to Drayano -> I was going to ask permission but he seems inactive online also
– Omega-Evolution: Some Pokemon in Unova can Omega-Evolve alike to Mega-Evolution but this can not be reverted and is used to evolve a base Pokemon
– Mega Evolution (outside of battle): Only two Pokemon can Mega-Evolve
-Camerupt and Slowbro

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