Pokemon Platinum Plus

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 6,368
Downloads 2,118
Released Unknown
4/5 (7 votes)

Pokemon Platinum Plus (Pokemon Platinum Hack) is one The interesting MOD version was created by a ROM hacker with the nickname “Jes +”. Based on the original Pokemon Platinum game combined with his creativity Jes + made the random encounter mechanism of Pokemon disappear, now you can freely travel without having to fight unwanted Pokemon. Basically, the game is not much different from the original version, only a few tweaks make the player more comfortable, in addition to a few other interesting features that you can experience.


– Casino
– 3D inside buildings
– Subsoil connected
– Unlocked events
– And last and … less important … Special Pokémon
– Uppercase and abbreviations
– Casino Dialogues
– Everything in its time
– Are you sure you ‘re sure you want to save?
– New “s” textbox

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