Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure , Puzzle
Region EU , US
Views 3,163
Downloads 3,305
Released 10th Feb 2008 (USA)
7th Nov 2008 (UK/EU)
15th Feb 2007 (JPN)
File size 42.58 M
3.7/5 (11 votes)
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St. Mystere has a townfolk that says you must lock your door by sliding puzzles and hide your secrets within brainteasers. Because of this, it is challenging to find a way to break into someone’s home. Until one day the wealthy striker of this area passed away, and he revealed a bit of information before he died that he was hiding a vast treasure on the premises, or maybe where there around this village. And the one who entered was Professor Layton to try to decipher all the details surrounding this considerable treasure.

Basically, this is a puzzle-style game when players will have to use all their intelligence to solve 130 challenges. These difficulties are not in a particular form but are transformed to make it impossible for heavenly people to predict their complications will face in the future. For example, they will have to participate in these riddles and riddles to logic and sliding puzzles. At the time, a puzzle game like this was rarely incorporated into a clear story. Often, role-playing games are invested in that. But this product has a plot that allows players to visualize everything around them. Besides, quizzes will be updated weekly so players can refresh their experience.

As mentioned above, the game works in a puzzle mode, when players will fly to Professor Layton puzzle expert and his apprentice, Luke. They will go to the place set in the mission and find a way to win the puzzle there. Challenges will be a clue to the secret behind all the events happening in the game. The mysterious death of a member of the Reinhold family is also one of the critical points. Now that the game brought to the Mystery 2 must be answered, where is the death of a relative and treasure? Perhaps these secrets are related to each other.

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