Sonic Classic Collection

Sonic Classic Collection

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher SEGA
Genre Arcade
Region EU , US
Views 4,213
Downloads 3,374
Released 2nd Mar 2010 (USA)
12th Mar 2010 (UK/EU)
4/5 (7 votes)
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Sonic – the Hedgehog, was created for children and now it is still implementing its mission with a series of animated series released on many channels and platforms. Now things have changed and are almost completely different from what happened in the early versions. If you are an adult who has spent his childhood with the blue Hedgehog, you can play Sonic Classic Collection 2010 to remember the old, memorable memories.

It is a collection of classic gameplay loved by many people. So it will operate according to the mechanism of a simple platformer, with simple gameplay and familiar character system. It is chosen by both new and old players because they will experience all the best of a legendary Sonic game. His hedgehog journey will have to go through many favorite places, re-appear in the same version. Sonic Classic Collection 2010retains its traditional style of play when the player is playing Sonic – the Hedgehog and Knuckles is another key. In these classic games, the characters in the game are still limited, not as much as the later versions. However, with two characters to choose and change, it is a good signal, this version is only for nostalgia.

The operation mechanism of the game is simply running with “supersonic speed” from left to right until it reaches the finish line. But on the way, try to pick up as many gold rings as possible, in a bid to collect the chaos emeralds. Players will adventure through the original 4 Mega Drive adventures, gather on a version and save the world. The game has a new feature to save anywhere, which means that players will freely save their screen anywhere, anytime. A wealth of extras including videos and collectible pictures added to the game will be a prop for players to expand their knowledge.

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