Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3

Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Activision
Genre Action
Region EU , US
Views 3,236
Downloads 3,676
Released 4th May 2007 (USA)
4th May 2007 (UK/EU)
4.3/5 (5 votes)
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Spider-Man is Marvel’s most successful brand in the period since the story. This painting has just started to release its products to this day. We can easily see how big the movies that are related to this young man are making a buzz in the fan community. Besides, the game made about this character superhero also received proper attention. Last year there was still a PlayStation game that sparked the community thanks to this Spiderman character. But maybe you still remember the Spider-Man 3 game that works on the DS platform. It also made a product based on the plot of Part 3 in the popular series of director Sam Raimi. By 2007, this was the most anticipated game in the Super Heroes series released by Activision.

Just like the type of action game released at this time, it is a platformer. This means that the player will participate in a game where it will act as a 3D side-scrolling game. Challenges will be arranged across the screen, and you will start moving from left to right until you reach the finish line. If you die on the way, then you must definitely come back from the beginning.

This is the first time the hero with the red suit appears in front of him with his dark form. He will be fighting in a black suit supposedly interfered with by Venom. Players will have to use their manipulation skills to move around attacks and upgrades as they choose. Then upgrade your power by engaging in difficult city-based missions that the game offers, based on the details of the film. Also, if you use a Nintendo DS device, you will be able to connect local wireless multiplayer gameplay to participate in unique modes such as Brawler, Hot Potato, Target Practice, and Combo Challenge.

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