Oops! Prank Party

Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Hudson
Genre Other
Region US
Views 1,498
Downloads 821
Released 5th Oct 2010 (USA)
File size 414.84 M
5/5 (1 vote)
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Oops! Prank Party is a new party game on the Wii, also known as “Game Island” in Europe, or “Party Game Box 100” in Japan. Instead of having to see the tutorial for the first time at the beginning of the game, you can see an optional diagram by pressing the “B” key on the keyboard – that’s the special feature of this game. There are about 100 intellectual challenges, puzzles, quick reflexes for you to experience and explore; you need to click on your answer to answer. Besides, after the games, the winner has the opportunity to change the outfit or appearance of the loser to his liking, as the game’s “prank” name may be “adorable” or ” silly “helps players feel funny, interesting. However, the cartoon characters in the game are nothing special except colourful costumes, repeated background music sometimes annoying. The game has four modes, and each mode can be played by up to four people. Master mode challenges the player, practice mode allows you to test your skills; There is also a free game mode, you can get rewards from this mode when you win a certain victory, thereby highlighting your avatar.

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