Super Mario 64

Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action , Adventure , Platformer
Region WW
Views 359
Downloads 582
Released 08/12/2006

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Peach invites Mario to visit her castle, but she is nowhere to be seen when he gets there. Soon after, he finds out through Toad that Bowser has once more abducted Princess Peach. In addition, the Koopa King has placed a spell on her palace, which confines her subjects. Therefore, it is up to Mario to break the enchantment and save Peach.

The first Mario game to fully utilize three-dimensional (3D) graphics was Super Mario 64. The primary gameplay is very similar to past iterations of platform games, emphasizing hopping from platform to platform, avoiding obstacles, and defeating opponents. There is no time limit on the exploration of the levels. It is necessary to gather stars to unlock new regions, and eventually, you will be able to enter other areas of Bowser’s castle after you have done so. By vanquishing Bowser on each floor, it is possible to obtain the keys required to unlock the large doors and progress to higher bases, which house additional regions.

Mario’s moveset has been expanded to include additional options in this installment. He can now walk, crouch, crawl, climb, punch foes, sprint, jump, and rise. Additionally, it is possible to perform backflips, double and triple jumps, long jumps, wall jumps, and wall jumps. It is now possible for Mario to run out of oxygen if he swims underwater. In some situations, to solve the problem, you will need to pick up and carry various objects.

Power-ups include the Wing Cap, which grants Mario the ability to fly; the Metal Cap, which shields him from damage (including environmental hazards such as poisonous gas); and the Vanish Cap, which transforms Mario into an ethereal being and grants him the ability to walk through certain obstacles (such as wire mesh). A combination of Mario’s ability to fly and his ability to enter cannons and be blasted from them provides access to previously inaccessible high-up regions.

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