Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Region EU , US
Views 25,329
Downloads 26,900
Released 23rd May 2010 (USA)
11th Jun 2010 (UK/EU)
4/5 (67 votes)
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Twist, turn, leap, and bound through the cosmos with none other than the world’s favorite plumber, Mario! Welcome to a world where gravity takes a back seat, mushrooms are super, and goombas quiver at the sight of a mustache. “Super Mario Galaxy 2” for the Wii takes Mario’s adventures to intergalactic proportions, inviting players to a journey out of this world.


Venture into a universe of excitement where each galaxy holds its unique challenge. “Super Mario Galaxy 2” offers over 240 stars to collect across seven different worlds. With this kind of range, your path through the cosmos is as diverse as Mario’s wardrobe! From fiery lava pits to underwater escapes, each world promises the joy of discovery and the thrill of mastery. You’ll be playing this for light years!


Egg-citing news for Yoshi fans! The lovable dinosaur returns triumphantly in this game, offering new abilities like flutter-jumping and fruit-eating. Players can now use Yoshi to tackle levels in ways that were previously unimaginable. It’s a dino-mite addition that’ll leave you saying, “Yoshi did WHAT?”


What’s a Mario game without some quirky power-ups? “Super Mario Galaxy 2” features the likes of Cloud Mario, allowing you to create platforms out of thin air, and Rock Mario, turning you into a boulder to smash through obstacles. These and many more provide fresh twists to Mario’s adventures, ensuring that no two levels play quite the same. It’s a power-up paradise!


Feast your eyes and ears on this! The visuals in “Super Mario Galaxy 2” are among the best the Wii offers, painting the universe in vibrant hues. Complementing the graphics is a stellar soundtrack, scoring each level with orchestral beauty. It’s a symphony of sight and sound that’ll have you dancing through the galaxies, or at least trying to!


Forget lonely space travel; bring a friend along! The Co-Star mode allows a second player to assist Mario by grabbing items, stunning enemies, and collecting stars. It’s teamwork at its cosmic best. Don’t fight over who gets to be Mario – it can lead to interstellar diplomatic incidents!


“Super Mario Galaxy 2” is a remarkable sequel that builds on its predecessor’s success. It polishes what worked and innovates where needed, creating a game that has charmed players, critics, and even Bowser’s minions! With accolades like a 97/100 Metacritic score, it’s not just another game; it’s a shining star in the gaming galaxy. Mario would tip his hat to that!

From galaxies to goombas, Yoshis to power-ups, this game brings all that’s beloved about Mario into a captivating space adventure. Whether a seasoned gamer or a cosmic newbie, “Super Mario Galaxy 2” is ready to rocket you to fun!

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