Dance: UK XL

Dance: UK XL
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
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There are four difficulty levels, beginner, easy, medium and expert, and the player can either practise one song at a time (in Jukebox mode) dance in Tournament or party modes. Tournament mode requires two dance mats/controllers to be connected so that up to 8 players can compete in succession or 2 players can compete head-to-head. Party mode requires a single dance mat/controller because the player(s) compete one at a time. During the party mode the player(s) will encounter 'Forfeit Balls', if these are not caught by the player then 'forfeit mode' begins and for a while the dance arrows will either twist at the last minute or come from another direction. This game also has a 'Dance Recorder' mode in which players can record their own dance routines, and a karaoke mode so that player(s) can sing along to the on-screen lyrics.

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