Dante’s Inferno

Console PS3
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , US
Views 22,712
Downloads 13,681
Released February 4, 2010
File size 5.34 G
4/5 (17 votes)
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Step into the fiery depths of Dante’s Inferno, an exhilarating single-player action game now available for {PLAT}. This game, heavily influenced by the literary masterpieces of Dante Alighieri, is the latest marvel from the Electronic Arts team that gave us the thrilling survival horror game Dead Space. Brace yourself for a chilling journey, like Dante’s descent into Hell, with intense combat and a storyline that intertwines with past and future narratives.


Our tale unfolds in the {PLAT} version of Dante’s Inferno, an intriguing adaptation of the Divine Comedy, the famous 14th-century epic poem by Dante Alighieri. The game’s protagonist, reminiscent of Dante, ventures into Hell to save his beloved Beatrice. The game embellishes elements not seen in the original book – fierce and fast-paced combat. Our hero initially triumphs over death, seizing his scythe for ensuing battles. The game mirrors the descriptions of Hell’s circles and their patrons, despite the dramatic twists and turns. Virgil narrates the tale, guiding us through the harrowing journey, just as in the original text.


Be prepared to unleash a variety of spectacular attacks with ease. Should you accept it, your mission involves slicing through enemy hordes. Occasionally, stronger monsters surface, culminating in the ultimate showdown with Lucifer, the king of Hell. Borrowing gameplay mechanics and controls from the acclaimed God of War series, Dante’s Inferno allows players to unleash combo attacks, wield weapons like crossbows and crosses, utilize unique powers, and dispatch enemies in gloriously gruesome ways.


As a player, you often find yourself engaged in quick time events amid combat, facilitating the execution of impressive stunts (like clambering onto a giant beast) by responding to on-screen button prompts. Slain enemies leave behind radiant orbs of health and energy, useful for healing and replenishing magic power. Although combat is central, expect to jump, climb, solve mechanical puzzles, and eliminate obstacles. One noteworthy game element involves the souls of the damned, which players can save or punish – with salvation offering greater rewards to enhance your character’s strength.


There’s no denying that the game’s graphic design deserves applause. As players venture through nine uniquely horrifying circles of Hell, they experience visual depictions inspired by Alighieri’s original descriptions of the inferno. From the eerie Limbo teeming with lost souls to even darker realms beyond, each location promises a unique and unsettling atmosphere. The game features bizarre creatures and adversaries co-designed by renowned artist Wayne Barlowe, known for his work on popular films like Blade, Harry Potter, and Hellboy.


After digging into the internet, we’ve unearthed some features players love about this game. The narrative faithfully follows the original poem, with Virgil leading the player, much like Dante, through the circles of Hell. The fluid combat mechanics, influenced by the God of War series, are easy to grasp and offer a multitude of epic, brutal takedowns. The game’s ability to merge literary history with high-octane action has become a high point among players worldwide.

In summary, whether you’re a fan of Dante Alighieri, a history buff, an action-game enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys a well-crafted narrative, The Walking Dead: Dante’s Inferno offers an unforgettable journey into the depths of Hell.

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