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Genre Sport
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Once more, the world is captivated by FIFA 19, the newest addition to the compelling line-up of football simulation games that span multiple platforms. Crafted by EA Sports, the studio that has been at the helm of the FIFA franchise since its inception in 1993, FIFA 19 gives players the keys to command real football squads and individuals in a selection of single and multiplayer modes.


Delving deeper into FIFA 19’s mechanics, it’s a veritable smorgasbord of football simulation. The game pays homage to the sport’s authenticity by allowing players to partake in tournaments and matches using officially licensed national and club teams from across the globe. FIFA 19 won big over its predecessor by securing the exclusive Champions League and the European League license. As a result, every match in the game mirrors the real-life drama, tension, and flair found in the world’s football pitches.


FIFA 19 prides itself on a comprehensive yet intuitive control scheme, turning your gaming pad into a magic wand capable of conjuring up a dizzying array of maneuvers and tricks seen in real football arenas. The game raised the bar by introducing the Timed Finishing shooting system and an improved ball control mechanism. The second player indicator, a nod to the Pro Evolution Soccer series, joins the game’s tactical repertoire. Improved marking movement and camera panning during free kicks further enrich the gameplay.


Comparatively speaking, FIFA 19 has greatly emphasized tactics more than FIFA 18. Players can now get granular with their tactical setup – assign zones to defenders, provide intricate instructions, and make decisions regarding the width of play and the intensity of ball exchanges. Depending on how the match unfolds, players can also switch strategies, giving them more control over the pitch than ever before.


The beauty of FIFA 19 lies in its wide selection of game modes. Whether you want to embark on a career with a solitary player, helm an entire team, or perhaps take a detour down the narrative road to stardom, FIFA 19 caters to all tastes. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode makes a triumphant return, encouraging the addictive collection of player cards. And if you fancy shaking things up, introducing methods with special rules ensures the gameplay never loses its charm.


Technically, FIFA 19 is an aesthetic treat. Leveraging the power of the Frostbite engine and the Real Players Motion technology, the game stands out with its graphically rich and hyper-realistic visuals. The player and stadium models are intricate, the animations advanced, and the games are brought to life with expert commentary. Ultimately, FIFA 19 is not just a game – it’s an immersive, dynamic, and endlessly thrilling football experience.

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