Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Console PS3
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , US
Views 28,689
Downloads 16,534
Released 26 October 2004
File size 1.82 G
3.8/5 (24 votes)
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“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is an action-adventure video game series developed by Rockstar North. This is a prominent game released in 2004 by Rockstar Games. The game revolves around the protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson, a member of the American gang who fights with other gangs for territory. “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is played with a third perspective, in the game the player can freely interact with the game world. With gameplay similar to the previous games in the series, players can control the character moving around the city to do missions. Characters have skills such as swimming, running, walking, climbing as well as the skills to use weapons and drive to fight with competitors. Players can control the vehicles on the way by stealing them. When not on duty, players are free to move around the city to cause havoc and attack the people. Players can be arrested by the police if they cannot escape in time. It is the 2004 best-selling game of its novel gameplay with over 27.5 million copies sold.

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