Console PS3
Publisher SCEA
Genre Adventure , Strategy
Region WW
Views 72,443
Downloads 45,148
Released December 17, 2013
File size 284.05 M
3.9/5 (53 votes)
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“Minecraft”, a game that has become the most famous brand in the gaming industry today. The popularity of this game, many game developers in the world also want to be able to use the game’s graphical style to create their own products on many different platforms. This is a Sandbox style game developed by Markus Persson, a Swiss game programmer and also the father of the popular game “Minecraft”. With extremely simple and attractive gameplay, the game allows players to build with different cubes in a procedurally created 3D world, which requires a lot of player creativity. There are many activities in the game including exploring, gathering resources, crafting and fighting. Besides, in many expanded version, this game also is a community to connect players all over the world with the same passion. In addition, the game also has a lot of game modes that players can freely change and customize as they wish. Also in the game there is no limit to the resources available in survival mode, through which players can use and build their own world. “Minecraft” has received countless compliments and won many prestigious awards, described as one of the most influential and biggest games in history.

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