Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Console PS3
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Genre Action , Fighting
Region WW
Views 23,067
Downloads 19,351
March 5, 2013
File size 6.32 G
4.2/5 (40 votes)
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In Japan, no one is unaware of the Naturo comic or cartoon series. Most of these albums account for a large number of fans from around the world. This must be great news for the huge fans of this Naturo comic strip as it turned into a video game. CyberConnect 2 is a talented developer who brought this fighting game set to those who are Naturo’s hardcore fans. It was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The story revolves around ninjas and terrorist organizations like previous anime series. With dozens of ninja waiting at each battle, players can play the one they want and the supporting character that they can fight together. Too easy for those who are not proficient in the game is the controller that has both sides of the screen, including weapons and additional items for the character, without hesitation when skillful hands are his ultimate weapon. Every time an enemy is defeated, the player can start with a more difficult task. Therefore, the game has very good reviews and extremely high sales make many fans shocked.

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