Console PS4
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region JP
Views 9,983
Downloads 3,050
Released NA: March 24, 2015
PAL: March 25, 2015
JP: March 26, 2015
UK: March 27, 2015
File size 29.66 GB
3.8/5 (23 votes)
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“Bloodborne” is an immersive action video game developed by FromSoftware and released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2015. The game is set up with the configuration of a third player, the player controls the kernel. Animals participate in the game with gameplay focused on fighting and exploring the story. In addition to the task of destroying the last boss in each level, players can interact with the characters in the game to discover new places in the game and collect items related to the story. “Bloodborne” allows players to create their own character and can customize the appearance structure of the character such as hairstyle, skin color, gender, … Players will play the role of a Hunter and engage in battle with monsters formed in the game world. Weapons that players can bring when fighting include the main weapons: hammers, swords, guns … and auxiliary weapons such as flashlights, wooden shields or knives, and Molotov. In addition, players can buy useful items from Mes messenger with Blood Echoes or Insight received from in-game battles or level up the character by talking to the Doll.

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