Child of Light

Console PS4
Publisher Ubisoft
Genre Platformer , Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 724
Downloads 172
Released April–July 2014
File size 2.11 GB
5/5 (1 vote)
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Surely here we all have seen the movies or read the fairy tales about the Snow White Princess, right? Just like the fairy tales, the video game “Child of Light” will also take us into the stories of this little princess. But unlike a fairytale comic book with a happy ending that will meet the prince, “Child of Light” will turn the princess awake into a remote and desolate jungle. All the fairy forest and the beautiful scenery will turn into a ghostly forest, what will you do to get this princess out of here? Coming to the game “Child of Light” you will be incarnated into this poor girl so that she can overcome obstacles in the deep forest to return to her house. Entering the game, you will control the character through the forests with a light friend to guide you in the dark, your task is to collect light spots scattered around the path and to enter the Other gates. If you encounter monsters, you must enter the battle to destroy it before you can cross the other gates.

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