Console PS4
Publisher Activision
Genre Other
Region WW
Views 1,275
Downloads 27
Released WW: September 9, 201
3.9/5 (1 vote)

“Destiny” is an online shooting video game developed by Bungie and released in 2014. The game is built in the context of a science-fiction world with role-playing elements. With the perspective of the first person, players can control the character to participate in matches in the game. The game has 2 main game modes: PvE player with environment and PvP player with players. For PvE mode, players will play the role of a guard to protect the city from the invasion of other alien races. With the mission to revive the Astronaut, players will engage in battles with enemies with the weapons provided at the start of the game. In contrast to PvP mode, players will engage in cooperative battles with other players to participate in competitive battles. Players will form another group of online players and participate in purge matches with hostile playgroups. With the unique gameplay in this game, “Destiny” earned a huge amount of revenue with over $ 325 million in the first year of release.

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