Console PS4
Publisher Trapdoor
Genre Platformer , Puzzle
Region WW
Views 510
Downloads 146
Released March 25, 2014
File size 214 MB
5/5 (1 vote)
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Coming to the famous developer of the video game industry Polytron Corporation, we will know the famous game series dubbed “the darling of the independent game scene “Fez”. It is known as a 2D puzzle game world structured in 4 sides of the three-dimensional world. Participating players will be rotated between 4 2D views to conduct puzzles solving puzzles of the game. Upon entering the game, “Fez” allows players to control the player character Gomez so that they can participate in exploring the playing area with their proficient skills. The task of the player is to collect the bricks in the game to restore the order of the universe. The player can rotate around the four sides of the space to see the 2D world of the 3D world constructed in this game. As players rotate aspects of that space they can find new paths of other inaccessible platforms to start the “Fez” puzzles. When participating in this game, players will not need to worry about the enemies because this game does not make such assumptions.

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