Godzilla (2015)

Godzilla (2015)
Console PS4
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Genre Action , Adventure , Fighting
Region Unknown
Views 5,155
Downloads 782
Released NA: July 14, 2015
JP: July 16, 2015
EU: July 17, 2015
3.7/5 (2 votes)

In 1954 in the world, Godzilla was known as one of the most aggressive monsters among the monsters found in the world. Over 60 years of research on this monster, game studios are now able to develop a game based on its survival skills to explore the wild game world. “Godzilla (2015)” was developed based on the presence of this monster in previous centuries and brought players back to the world of this wildlife. Entering the game, players will incarnate into the Godzilla monster to find their lost energy sources. Players will control the character to break different buildings in the play area to maximize G-Energy. When you destroy a large number of buildings and structures inside an area, Danger Level will bring up other legendary monsters to fight with you. Players must destroy these monsters to complete the assigned tasks. When a character is increased in size through missions, their power will be increased in accordance with the level of the character achieved.

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