Console PS4
Publisher DrinkBox Studios
Genre Beat 'em up , Platformer
Region WW
Views 827
Downloads 24
Released 2 July 2014
5/5 (1 vote)

Step into the arcade game “Guacamelee!” By the developer DrinkBox Studios, which was released in 2014 and you will experience a traditional Mexican folklore set when participating in a mysterious adventure. this. “Guacamelee!” Was built in the context of the Mexican country lifestyle in 2D Metroidvania style when its playing areas are rich in folklore of this beautiful country. The main character of the video game “Guacamelee!” Is Iuchador Juan, whom the player will embody in order to participate in non-linear target missions. Entering the game, players will explore the open world under the identity of Iuchador Juan by moving around the path of the play area. The task of the player is to control Juan to overcome obstacles and destroy the enemies occupying that place to collect game items. Each enemy destroyed by the player will drop bonus coins for the player and can use it to buy new skills at the store. At the end of each obstacle, the player must collect a key to open another level of play for the player.

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