Marvel’s Spider-Man

Console PS4
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 32,066
Downloads 7,033
Released September 7, 2018
File size 63.47 GB
3.7/5 (30 votes)
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Referring to Marvel, surely you will immediately know about the superhero series such as Thor, Iron Man and certainly indispensable Spider-Man. One of the characters is occupied by the previously announced series of games. “Marvel’s Spider-Man” is one of the most well-developed game series in the aspects of the Spider-Man character. Unlike the previous series you have experienced, “Marvel’s Spider-Man” has upgraded the character into an experienced Peter Parker and is more adept at fighting Marvel’s major criminals. Entering the game, players will be allowed to control the Spider-Man character to carry out the tasks of the plot and destroy the enemies in the play area. By proficiently upgraded skills, players will travel through the air with their own strings to overcome obstacles and assassinate targets. A mission that the player completes will unlock new chapters of the story. Players will collect items scattered around the playing area to support the character and exchange the super skills in that story. Coming to the sleeping city of Marvel, you will experience the most epic adventure ever.

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