Shovel Knight

Console PS4
Publisher Yacht Club Games
Genre Action , Platformer
Region WW
Views 1,077
Downloads 651
Released June 26, 2014
File size 153.56 MB
3/5 (1 vote)
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Similar to side-scrolling games released in recent years, “Shovel Knight” has also been released to gamers worldwide with 2D platformer gameplay and 8-bit graphics develop in it. Entering the game, players will be involved in the protests of the protagonist like the previous games in which the player’s protagonist will be created by them. Players will have the right to shape the character as well as the personality, gender, name and weapon for them. “Shovel Knight” will bring players the most fascinating adventure ever with extremely diverse missions. The task of the player when starting the level screen is to control the character overcoming obstacles to collect treasures. Each time the game starts, the system will give the player four hearts to represent his life. If the player is fighting an enemy that has been hit by his or her heart, it will disappear slowly until no more hearts are left and the game will end. So, the player must start the level all over again.

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