The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Console PS4
Publisher CD Projekt
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 3,859
Downloads 116
Released 19 May 2015
File size 41.47 GB
3.7/5 (31 votes)
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Play in the open world? If you are a true fan of fantasy games, then surely you cannot ignore this mysterious world. “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” will introduce you to a fantasy battle space set up in this game. This is the type of action role-playing game that players participate in will turn themselves into the game character to experience the emotions of that game. The game takes players into a highly skilled witch hunter named Glem of Rivia. Players will help the character find a foster daughter and defeat the Wild Hunt an evil force with the spells and weapons of the existing character. With the missions given to the player throughout the blocks exploring the area, the player will have to complete it and collect items along the way to support the character. Known as a highly-skilled witch hunter, players are able to craft high-class pharmaceuticals, bombs or weapons with their spells from items that the player has been searching for throughout the game

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