The Witness

Console PS4
Publisher Inc. , Thekla
Genre Puzzle
Region WW
Views 412
Downloads 113
Released January 26, 2016
File size 3.85 GB
5/5 (1 vote)
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A beautiful island with countless attractive puzzles that you dream of coming only in the video game series “The Witness”. Coming to “The Witness” you will not need to worry about battles or worry about tactics, you just need to download “The Witness” and experience the relaxing puzzles of the game for you. “The Witness” is known as the puzzle game series of Thekla game, the game involves exploring the islands of the world with the architecture built extremely flawless. Step into the game “The Witness” players will be playing as an unnamed character, they will explore every corner of the play area and decipher the puzzles installed in it. The puzzles will be constructed in a grid shape, the player’s task is to move how the circle in the plate will reach the end of the grid and help the lines to light. Each grid is successfully decoded, the player will unlock 1 door of another playing area. Each new playing area is opened, the difficulty level of the puzzle will increase.

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