Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV
Console PS4
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Genre Fighting
Views 286
Downloads 153
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The next evolution of the world’s greatest fighting game – GET ULTRA Throw your first ever Dragon Punch or Sonic Boom on PlayStation 4 with this definitive edition of a PS3 Capcom classic. A hulking roster of 44 world warriors, featuring Street Fighter legends Ryu, Ken and Blanka, now includes five newcomers − Elena, Hugo, Poison and Rolento from Street Fighter X Tekken, along with the notorious Russian assassin, Decapre. Train hard and learn the moves and combos to expertly inflict a devastating Tiger Knee, Sumo Smash or Whip of Love to your friends, enemies and online foes. GET ULTRA! • Enjoy smoother gameplay, refined through PS3 fan feedback. • Battle in classic Street Fighter arenas across the world, including six new stages. • Pummel your opponents with new − and painful – fighting moves. • Get over 100 different costumes for your fighters previously released as DLC on PS3.

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