Harvest Moon – Boy & Girl

Harvest Moon – Boy & Girl
Console PSP
Publisher Natsume
Genre Simulator
Region US
Views 4,558
Downloads 1,994
Released November 23, 2005
4.2/5 (11 votes)
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This is a package of two versions in the same series. It includes Back To Nature and Harvest Moon For Girls, with the first thing being adapted from PS1, which is a farm simulation game with a storyline associated with the lives of two characters.

The Boy: The nephew of a local farmer who has died, has come to reclaim the land he had cherished as a child and hoped to find a childhood girlfriend. However, everything was not as simple as that, the mayor of Mineral town hung on the head of the “Sword of Damocles”, then delivered to a page in the now being destroyed and asked him to restore and develop. it has been recognized by the villagers for 3 years.

The girl: The person with a much more melancholy story. She escaped a passenger ship that was wrecked in a storm and was fortunate to be discovered by one of the residents of Mineral Town. When she woke up, the mayor heard her story and was moved by her misfortune, offering her a desert farm so she could start over and hope to find love and happiness. How will the two characters begin the lives of farmers? They will find happiness like? Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl An interesting combination of farm roleplaying and dating war. First of all, the first thing to notice is that this game helps you become a real farmer, where you can do all the activities of a farm, from fields to livestock. Four seasons, each season consists of 30 days, you need to work hard weeding, plowing, cultivating, tending to harvest into the development stage. At the same time, build cages to raise animals, feed them and show love through regular care.

When the mission is completed, you become a free farmer with elegant country pleasures. This means that, in addition to managing the farm, you can participate in events in the town of Mineral, which covers everything from swimming and dancing competitions to wrestling and horse races. The library is a place to store books can read the following interesting journey to find these gems in a mine, or fishing trip but fun. But these are short consolation moments because the work will always wait for you to return. In addition, there are five neighbors who have been found to have many interesting things. They are always around and players can learn about their hobbies and life if desired. When successful in conquering someone, be proposed to by a blue feather. If it is agreed, it is also the moment to win the game.

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